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Kneale Mann, the fast-talking, passionate marketing and social media strategist had an interesting conversation with Barbara Nixon a few weeks ago. Mann has mounds of experience with Public Relations and social media, and was kind enough to share his thoughts on blogging.

“My blog actually stemmed from a geek dinner,” says Kneale Mann. A geek dinner is a bunch of people who have met through a business contact or over social media. That night, his fellow geeks asked him if he had a blog, and he said no.¬†Thanks to the encouragement from them, Mann started his blog about an hour after the dinner. Two years later, he’s still blogging!

Advice from Kneale Mann on blogging:

  1. Just start writing! Find something that interests you and write about it. “Sometimes we’re trying to go for the absolute victory, before we do the work.” However, you can’t expect instant results. Put the number of followers out of your head and just write for the sake of getting thoughts on paper (or on webpage).
  2. Just keep writing! Even if your interests change, just keep writing. Don’t validate yourself by your number of followers, just keep writing!
  3. Comment on other people’s blogs, because “the price of admission is contribution.”

Check the video of this interview out, because it’s really quite interesting.

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