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Like rubbernecking to see a bad accident on the road is reading bad press about celebrities. I loathe hearing about Lindsey Lohan‘s neglected teeth, courtroom verdicts, rehab stints, and broken commitments. Yet, I have to admit that I actually take the time to click the link, cringe at the pictures, and read about her hot mess. This leads me to stroke my chin and ponder that ol’ saying in PR: “All publicity is good publicity.”

Is it?

Publicity is promotion (in a nutshell). Although, Lindz may be getting attention and keeping her name in the news (she has her own section in ABCnews.com for crying out loud), she is certainly not promoting her self-image effectively. From an amateur’s deductions, I say no. All publicity is NOT good publicity. Though, it does serve the purpose of keeping one’s image current.

Bottom line: Bad press does not impress.

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