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There’s not a doubt that Steve Jobs’ death stirred more than just Apple users. It spawned countless articles, creative shrines, and a rush to release his authorized biography entitled “I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words.” An article in ABC news by Ned Potter discussed the book, which is a compilation of Steve Jobs’ quotes.

This made me think about the importance of being in the now. PR people have to be all over situations as soon as they happen. If your job is crisis communications, then this is obviously more vital. Agate Publishing jumps on the timeliness of Steve Jobs death to release his biography sooner. It is relevant. It is current. It will produce more sales. It will create buzz. It makes sense!

Every major event births countless PR projects, but they soon get old and tired. Think of Michael Jackson’s death, the Royal Wedding, the O.J. Simpson trial, etc. My mom has about five dusty Princess Di books amongst a collection of videos and magazines about her life. It’s old news now, so they’re left untouched, but the timeliness of Princess Diana’s death interested my mother enough that she bought into the hype when it happened. Therefore, it’s an important business to be in the now.

Speaking of now, let’s unpack another concept. A public receives the news. PR people make the news. So, we should really jump on the news before it happens, right?

Let’s think like Steve and ask ourselves, “What next?” In today’s fast-paced society iNow might be too late. We’ve got to think about what’s iNext. How will you anticipate the next big thing?

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