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Students come in all shapes and sizes. We’re overachievers and we’re slackers. We suck up to the teacher and we don’t show up to class. Either way, social media caffeinates our generation like nothing else, so whether you’re the A student of the C student there’s reason to blog for your future.

1. Gives You an Online Presence

Start a blog now. Perfect it, edit it, update it, and viola! You’ll start to have a house in the suburbs of the world wide web and make your mark in search engines. Start ahead of time, so that even the slacker will have time to make changes before it’s professional enough to put on a resume.

2. Green Journal-ist

Be part of the paperless brigade and make a private blog about your life to share with your friends and family. This is great practice for more topical blogs you may write in the future. However, your personal blog should still be appropriate and professional enough to be seen by the general public. Evidence of wild nights and drunk fests need not apply! *cough* Slacker *cough*

3. Free PR

Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you’re not also a team leader of a club, sports team, or non-profit. If you run a group that needs to get the word out, make a blog and direct people toward it! It’s a creative, interactive way to make a newsletter for your public. Graphics and layouts can create an instant personality for your group while providing details that you want to share.

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